Welcome to the Mapping Germany project of MSU students!

You have found the website for GRM 445: Mapping Germany, an upper-level undergraduate German Studies course at Michigan State University that explores German culture through the framework of shifting relationships of time and space. This course was developed in the context of the MSU German Program’s engagement in emerging Digital Humanities initiatives in the College of Arts & Letters. As a cultural studies course, it focuses on the analysis of a wide range of primary texts: we read literature (short story, novella, novel), watch both feature and documentary films, and–drawing on the substantial collection of the MSU Map Library, as well as digitized maps available on the internet–learn how to read and interpret maps as complex cultural texts. Students also use maps of their own creation as a means of plotting their growing understanding of historical and cultural phenomena in the German-speaking world. 

This website serves as a repository for our discoveries about and insights into the texts and films we have worked with, in hopes of creating a resource that our class and others can use to better understand the fundamental role that space and its representations have played in the development and understanding of modern German realities. While the class is taught in German, students have translated their own projects for the purpose of reaching a broader audience on this website.


Each item on the top menu has a brief topic introduction; under the pull-down menus you will find how-to guides for working with the main mapping tools for our course, as well as pages dedicated to the different historical and thematic units.